Recognising holes.

#ADHD and other learning disabilities continue to be ignored in #kenya and parts of #africa by a large number of educators and even parents as diseases, instead a child is branded lazy, impulsive, and down right stupid, and these the child identifies himself with till adult-hood,sticks and stones may break some bones, but hurtful words will tear a soul,Especially when the root cause is mental and if recognised can be helped.
Yes there is a naughty child, but there is also one who is really trying to pay attention but cant as a result of ADHD, and others who may suffer with other related learning disabilities.
“When dopamine levels are reduced, so is the attention span. By increasing the Omega-3 intake, those with ADHD can increase their attention capacity,” .
A learning disability cannot be cured ; its a lifelong challenge. However, with the right support and intervention, people with learning disabilities can achieve success in school, at work, in relationships, and in the community.




All this argument about big bangs and deities creating stuff has me like, isn’t the sun a star? I mean am not a science guy, just a science fiction kind of guy and I think the universal rule is stars pop up, glow and die, so our sun popped up in a universe that’s been poppin stars since when again?
Lets just stop this origin finding tasks, I mean infinity is in the math, I’d rather we waste all we got at exploring the Damn thing.
All we have achieved until now is a work of generations, the past and its brilliant minds started something and the next generation improved on it. So moon down, mars to go (I have a hunch those bastards are underground)